Vivek's blog: Does the Washington Post secretly think Michael Moore is a moron?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Does the Washington Post secretly think Michael Moore is a moron?

Um - can someone explain this to me?

Here's a screenshot from today's Washington Post:

You see the headline I've circled - where "Tuesday with Weingarten" appears, but Weingarten is struck out and replaced with "Moron"? Well, that goes to this article - a Q&A with Michael Moore.

Is this an innocent mistake, or has some careless subeditor secretly revealed his or her hatred for the muckracking lefty? Or am I altogether mistaken?


  1. That's great, nice spot! Did the Post ever acknowledge this? Can't find anything by googling...

  2. Hi Vivek....nice post. Though not so much of avarice for an award, could you re-consider the spelling for "muckracking". I am a learner and just trying to learn with you. Lots of love to the newbie baby and best wishes to parents.

  3. Ah, you GOT me, Nizam! "Muckraking" it is. Nice one.

  4. Strange way to get your attention.Lonely planet's India chapter on Sikkim has no feature on North Sikkim,It is no doubt,the best part of Sikkim but seems to have been left out,I wonder why?

  5. Hi Anonymous - you can use the Contact Us form at the bottom of the website to make suggestions such as this!


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